One location or thousands. Use our platform to optimise them all.

Our extensible enterprise platform helps you identify both immediate and long-term savings across your whole organisation, whether from a new retail contract, energy solution investments, PPAs, and more.

Energy Portfolio Management Platform

Energetica has been built to help businesses manage and optimise their energy portfolio by automatically locating the most appropriate combinations of energy efficiency and cost reduction initiatives or investments for each site, including solar, lighting upgrades, power factor correction, demand response, network tariff changes, and more.

Our energy solution analytics allow you to get an accurate sense of your potential savings and ROI, letting you build an investment plan before you even start approaching energy solution providers.

Get Data In: Machine Learning-Powered Data Ingestion and Analysis Pipeline

Automatically recognise all bills, meter data, addresses and rates from original bill PDFs and interval data files, as well as using any number of external data sources and APIs.

Analyse Everything: Open Ended Tariff and Scenario Engine

Run what-if scenarios involving unlimited permutations of current and new rates, energy efficiency solutions, and more, across thousands of sites.

Cost and Price Accurately: Built-in Market Rates and Tariffs

Our system comes pre-configured with real rates and tariffs for all markets we support, gathered using a combination of automatic market rate scanning and ingestion, as well as licensed third party databases. We are unique in that we support virtually every single published rate & tariff on the market, including C&I, SME, residential, as well as network tariffs (including demand and time-of-use tariffs).

Get Actionable Results Out: Clear, Actionable Presentation System

Our reports and presentations are the by far the easiest to understand in the industry, as they are focused primarily on identifying the best way forward based on your needs — whether they are driven by financial, environmental or sustainability imperatives. They can also be customised and extended in any way you like, including for quoting and procurement purposes.

Don’t Get Left Behind: Support for Modern Energy Solutions

Our analytics support most modern energy solutions, including solar, LED lighting, power factor correction and battery storage, as well as interfacing with microgrids and advanced behind-the-meter platforms, and can be customised to model a hardware system of virtually any complexity.

Keep Track of All Transactions: Support for Modern Ledger Systems

We are ledger-agnostic. Want to plug in a blockchain-powered distributed ledger backend? Need to export or store transactions in your existing financial systems such as SAP? No problem.

Extend Your Own Business Systems: Powerful Integration APIs

Want to use our platform to power your own procurement, customer retention or analytics system? Stand up a solution quickly with our powerful APIs.

Energy and Energy Solution Procurement

Our platform powers a unique procurement solution that allows you to automate the entire process of tendering, forecasting and comparing energy contracts, including packaged energy solutions or PPAs, across all of your sites simultaneously, whether for your internal procurement needs, or for advising on procuring energy for your clients.

Our process automation includes automatically retrieving up-to-date data on all your sites, recognising all meter data & invoices, issuing tender requests, and combining all the resulting offers into comparative forecasts that let you easily pick the best way forward — all in one easy-to-use system.

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