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Use our systems and expertise to help you deliver a bespoke solution for your business, run custom analytics, or advocate on your behalf.

Our Expertise

Energetica’s principals have worked with large corporates, startups, and government departments all over the world, advising on energy and energy solutions, as well as software engineering and delivery methodology.

Energy Data and Market Analysis

We know the energy and energy solutions market intimately, and we use our knowledge to help customers plan and adapt to changing market conditions.

Customer Advocacy

We have been successfully engaged multiple times by businesses and local governments to use our knowledge and contacts in the market to advocate on behalf of customers with bodies such as Australian Competition and Consumer Commission, local utilities, and others.

Software Development and Delivery

We have multiple decades’ worth of combined experience in software engineering and solution delivery at both startups and corporates, delivering industry-first solutions, managing billions of dollars’ worth of transactions every year, as well as leading large teams. Our experience allows us to help you navigate around common obstacles both in the area of technology and people, helping you manage risk and deliver your project faster — whether in the energy market or elsewhere.

(Check out our tech stack on the About Us page for technologies that we are actively working with.)

Bespoke Solutions

Want something built off the menu? Speak to us, and we may be able to help.

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